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What is GellyBall?

We started a GellyBall business as a dealer to bring fun & simplicity to parties of all types. Our heart is to bring the fun and excitement back to people's lives and our community, one Gelly Ball Party at a time.

GellyBall ammo is 90% water, biodegradable, and non-toxic containing no paint or stain. With zero cleanup required outdoors and very little indoors, it is the perfect experience for nearly any event, location, and age.

GellyBall Wars are great for kids of all ages! We get requests for GellyBall games at company team-building events, bachelor parties, school outings, block parties, and more.

No matter what your event is, we can bring our equipment to your location, and since GellyBalls makes little to no mess at all, we can even do events in company warehouses, parking lots, and many backyards!

Does It Hurt?

The GellyBall Blaster uses very low pressure to shoot, so it only feels like a good snap of a rubber band. But you’ll be having so much fun, you won’t even notice!   

1 Hour Playtime - $175 +$175/additional hour
1 Hour Playtime - $175 +$175/additional hour
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2 Hour Unlimited - $300 + $175/addition hour
2 Hour Unlimited - $300 + $175/addition hour
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